Hot hot summer! Time for flip flops..the Havaianas!


Well, my first impression towards Havaianas was...
then check the price tag...
okay walk away....................=3=

Guess I can just dream about Havaianas lahh :'(
Have you guys read my post for the coming Spa Party organized by The Butterfly Project?
Havaianas Malaysia is one of the collaborators of the party!
They're sponsoring 20 pairs of Havaianas and vouchers for the butterflies!
I can start google and read about Havaianas again! YAY!
*happy girl*

For your information, Havaianas is a Brazilian trademark..
Created by Alpargatas in 1962..
The flip flops was inspired by the Japanese sandals known as Zori..

Okay, forget about the history stuff..
Now, let me introduce you...the Havaianas!
*jeng jeng jeng jeng~*

Super cute isn't?!!

Havaianas actually offers ranges of products for everyone!
For le female..
 le male..
and le kids!
Now I wanted a pair of Havaianas so badly!
(blame my eyes!)

After my performance in the Kpop Dream Concert, I got a souvenir which is..
We have been practising for weeks in heels and here's the result!
I wanted so much to change to flip flops right after the performance..
But then, it's really ugly to wear flip flops with our stage outfit lahh!
How nice if I were to have a pair of Havaianas!
 Look how gorgeous she is in the Havaianas flip flops!
Still so hot and trendy ya?

Besides, I have to admit that I'm not tall..
(not tall, doesn't mean short okay :P LOL)
Wearing heels really makes me look better than wearing flats..
I can't survive with heels all day long..
Sometimes I'd rather look short and fat and ugly but I just don't want to wear heels! 
*so painful >< *
Now that Havaianas solved my problem!
Check this out!
The Havaianas High!
Ohhhh no I'm so in love now!
I can look tall, trendy, pretty yet wearing a super comfortable flip flops!
Am I dreaming? 
(pinch me please :P)

One last reason why I want a Havaianas!
I'm going to Taiwan this August..
Since it's Summer in Taiwan, I really need a pair of comfortable yet trendy flip flops..
Havaianas is the best choice because its so trendy and easy to match with my outfit!

So..... pick me please! :P

[ peace ♡ ]

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