Bag of L♥ve April Edition Review


First of all, I have to admit that I'm so outdated..
I didn't know the existence of beauty box until my girlfriend told me about it..(shame on me ><)
Right after I google about "beauty box" I am so done!
I read so many reviews about different brands and caught in dilemma..
Don't know which one should I subscribe to!
(I need to budget my monthly allowance cannot just spend like a boss hehe)

I know its a lil bit too much but..
I did write down every brands with the price and brands they offer to compare..

Yay! and I finally decided that I'm going to subscribe to...."Bag of Love"!

I was attracted by the debut bag of Bag of Love..
The samples came in a BAG! not a BOX!
Again, the practical me,
if it were to be in a box, I will throw the box away or just store it somewhere else..
BUT its a bag! I can still use it!
Look at the design of the debut bag! Lovely isn't?
Next, the samples!
They have full size item too! The definite brush which cost RM98!
OMG it's like super worth already!
Plus+, Bag of Love did arranged Kate workshop for the girls..
and also included a premiere ticket of "The Host" in the bag
Which is super value added to its beauty bag..

And that's how I made up my mind and subscribe for the April bag.. 
So here it is :)
It's so hard to describe the joy when I receive this bag..
you should just try to experience it by yourself hehehe..
The April bag looks simple and nice because the theme is "GO GREEN"
This lil bag is made of bleach-free canvas with a tag inside the bag made of recycled non-woven material..
This is now my make up pouch for me to bring my cosmetics with me when I go out ;)

The April bag has 4 sample-sized item, 1 full size item and 1 extra item..

(sorry that I missed out Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA++ in this photo ><)

Let me start of with item that I'm not that satisfied with first..
The Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA++@RM120..

It's not that the product itself is not good..
I think its because the oil based that made me felt like its greasy and my skin can't breathe..
Since I use my fingers to apply, I found that all the BBCream actually stained on my fingers..
That's why I don't really like it that much..

Next, The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist @ RM59..
The price tag under the bottle stated that its RM39..
This is considered NEW to me as I never expect that this kind of product existed.
(again, kampung girl mah hehe)
it smells like......facial centre feel.
makes you feel comfortable, relax, and...SLEEPY!
I tried this on the night before I went to the finale of Sunsilk Girl Search because I was too tense..
and you know what?! I overslept and woke up late at 8am which I set my alarm to be at 6.30am!
lesson learnt! use it only when you really can relax and rest :P

Proceed with Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream @RM271..
This is definitely a facial salon product!
I know this smell every time when I go for's so familiar!
I did try on this product and went out for a long day..
It is really moisturising and not oily.. I kind of like it!
but not the price :P

Here's my favorite item in this bag!
The Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo@RM88
I realized that some people receive different shampoo if not mistaken..
I'm so glad that I got this volumizing shampoo!
Thanks so much to Mimi~!!  
This shampoo really works on my flat tiny hair!
I was so amazed by the result after I dry my hair..
and it last for almost half a day.. with all the sweats after I practise dancing..
I'll go get one after I finish the shampoo that I'm currently using.. FOR SURE!

The Burt's Bee Richly Replenishing Cocoa and Cupuaqu Butters Body Lotion@RM62.80..
I am currently using Burt's Bee lip balm.. It is so famous because its chemical free..
I've once tried its lotion in Sephora and to be honest..
It smells so bad -.-
But this one, I can say its the best smelling lotion in Burt's Bee lotion range!
It smells so butter-ish and of course its very moisturising.. 
I'm so happy that the sample is enough for me to use it twice even I apply it all over my body.. YAY!

Lastly, *ceng ceng ceng ceng*
The legendary full size item! 
Definite Contour Brush@RM88..
Believe it or not, its my first brush :')
I don't really make up often and not professional also so I just use hand and sponge..
some more I just use BB Cream and don't apply powder..
(okay okay I know it's not right)
So glad that Mimi still got us the definite brush!
Now I'm using it to blend the highlight I applied on my face..
*happy lil girl*

Th extra item!
Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial@RM98!
We didn't know it is included in the bag until we got it so its a surprise!
That's why it makes me so so so looking forward to the next bag!
*girls being girls*

If you're interested with the product, 
you can always get the product details at Bag of Love website under【The Bag】tab..

What's next?
(can you feel my exitement?!)

a sneak peak of May's bag!

I'm going to melt!
Look at the brands in the bag!
Chill, don't scream....first.
There's even a complimentary manicure voucher from Amante!
(Photos from Bag of Love facebook fan page)

How could you miss this?!!!

For those who are interested, nope.
Those who are fascinated! 
Better subscribe now before its out of stock!
Visit Bag of Love website for subscription..
You can also add the fan pagetwitter, and instagram!
Big tips!
Bag of Love always update events on their facebook fan page so don't miss that!
(Can you believe that I am going to the Tigi Party with Mimi?!!)

By the way, quarterly subscriber would get a small gift..
Annual subscriber will get a Anna Sui Ting Rouge!

Subscribe now and your bag will reach your doorstep in the last week of May!


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  1. Eee I don't like the smell of the bb cream!!

    1. It smells like body sun block :P

  2. this bag how can i get it?

    1. That's March bag, its totally out of stock already :(
      I don't get that also.
      Must subscribe before it's all sold out or else will regret hehh