Are you ready for Kpop Dream Concert Live in Malaysia 2013?!


I just can't keep this to myself anymore!
For those who read my post earlier regarding the Sunsilk Girl Search..
I was suppose to perform on the Asia Super Showcase 2013..
But unfortunately it has been delayed..
Sunsilk brought us to the Kpop Dream Concert Live in Malaysia 2013!
So who's the line up for the concert?
Check this out!
The moment we got informed that we're going to perform on Kpop Dream Concert..
The girls went crazy and scream!!!!
Can you believe this?!
I'm going to meet 4minute! G.Na! Brown Eyed Girls! Sistar! and the super cute BTOB!!
OMOOO I love Sunsilk 

The Kpop fans definitely know about them but for those who are unfamiliar with them..
Watch the video below and you will be amazed! ;)

The super sexy PSY lady Hyuna is in this group, so ya know! ;)

The girls are getting sexier and sexier that you can't resist!

Brown Eyed Girl!
Another PSY lady-Ga In! She's featuring in the Gentleman's MV!
I wanted to meet her personally like so BADLY!
I love her so much after watching the "We Got Married" show!
She's so cute and funny and...she has small eyes like I do :P

I would say, she's a fabulous and talented solo singer!
She came to Malaysia a few times already so I guess you guys probably know her ady?

Awww~! I didn't know them until one of my friend introduce them to me..
They are SUPER CUTE! yes, SUPER CUTE!! 
*fan girl*

The venue of the concert which is the Arena of Stars in Genting is awesome!
The seating allows you to watch the artists' performance closely!
Yes, if you're now super excited like I do!!
Click here for the concert details!

If you're a WorldCard Malaysia member..
You stand a chance to win yourself a 
trip to Korea after you purchase the tickets!


1 thing you can't miss in Genting is....the THEME PARK!
(I miss those days when my parents bring us to the outdoor theme park and how we play until exhausted!)
What's more exciting is that there's a new ride in the outdoor theme park now!

STINGER is the Malaysia's first and tallest hydromagnetic coaster at 6,118ft above sea level!
A combination of roller coaster and water ride that is so thrilling!
(remember to bring extra clothes for change..hehhhh)

Amazing concert + fun and exciting theme park =  awesome weekend!

If you guys are going to the concert that means....

You will be watching me dancing on the stage?!!!



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