Sunsilk Girl Search!


To be honest, I am a super lazy girl and do not really take good care of myself..
Often forget to apply skincare, lotion and stuff..
The only thing I care the most is my hair!
I was taught to take good care of my hair since young because my mum and aunts are all barbers!
My cousins and I were like the mobile advertising machine for their business. LOL
However, when I turned 17 I was so eager to get my hair dyed immediately after SPM and opppss...
The well taken care smooth manageable hair was GONE!! (sob sob)

Once your hair is damaged, it often takes a very long time and very good product to be healthy again..
I remembered that I used to cook the coconut oil and apply it on my hair when I was a kid.
Yes I did.
Although it sounds funny but let me tell you, it works!
my hair became so dark, smooth and shiny!

Therefore, when I saw sunsilk's product which contains 5 types of oil which includes Olive Oil, Jojoba, Moroccan Argan, Almont and coconut as well as Keration Yogurt Nutri-Complex..
yea that's it! the best product to save my hair!
It helps to keep the hair smooth and manageable at all time!
Healthy hair always make you look better and better!

Few weeks back after the Universal Kpop Party 2013..
I happened to ran into Sunsilk's Roadshow which was stationed outside of Bently Music.
They invited us to have free makeup and hairdo in the Sunsilk truck and therefore.....
we had our free hairdo of the day! :D
It wasn't only for girls!
My friend got his hair set by pretty lady too!
Look at my hair, nice isn't? hahaha

After that, I realized that there's a dance tutorial on the truck and I asked the staff about that..
It is a Kpop dance competition which named "Sunsilk Girl Search"!
I don't know what was wrong with me that day..
I just said "Oh I wanna do this!" and wrote down my particulars..........-.- 
Then I danced on the street.
That was really really epic moment!
luckily it was just 10 seconds..!
Many people asked me what's the prize for this competition..
well, you must have heard 2013 Asia Super Showcase?
Then you must know who's Girl's Generation and AOA!
They're performing in the showcase!
The 5 winners of this Sunsilk Girl Search get a chance to be the openning act of 
2013 Asia Super Showcase alongside Hannah Tan!
The gorgeous Hannah Tan!
(maybe my brain went overheat that day after I heard of their names! They're just too HOT!)

For those who are interested in participating, the Sunsilk Girl Search video submission ends on 14th April.
Do join the Sunsilk Roadshow to have lots of fun!
For more information regarding the date and location that the Sunsilk Truck is going, 
just check their facebook page out ;)

(under the Sunsilk Girl Search tab)

Lastly, a little favour to ask :P
Could you please spare a few minutes to like my video of the Sunsilk Girl Search? hehehe
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Or you can find my video under "Cycle 2" and my full name is TAN HUI XIN..

Oh yea, I really wanted to thanks those who liked my video..
This is the first time I asked for votes and it almost reach 70 likes now!
I'm so so so so touched  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
You guys are the best!

I'll do my best and will never disappoint you guys!  


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