Japanese CORNET ice-cream @ Sunway Pyramid!


Well, since my lil cousin came to KL last weekend..
I finally have a companion to shop and eat with me all day long!
We shop like 5 hours non-stop and it's never enough!
Anyway, I bought a voucher from LivingSocial last month and it's time to redeem it.
2 cornets + 2 smoothies for RM15 only!
So here we go!
Cornet @ Sunway Pyramid..
Cozy and cute lil space for us to sit down and relax while waiting for our ice-cream.
I just love the tiffany blue on the wall!
I want this color in my room!
It's very nice of them to let us try each flavours before we decide which one we want.
Sadly, we can only choose those flavours with brown tag :(
Speaking of the flavours, their ice-cream taste really awesome!
It's so original and smooth!
I tried their dolce latte, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and cappuccino if not mistaken.
dolce latte is too sweet for me so it's out.
chocolate and cappuccino are rich and creamy..
But I wanted something refreshing so we picked BLUEBERRY and STRAWBERRY!
( girls being girls, so picky! haha )
Our ice-cream with bun is RM8.90 each so kind of pricey.
Once in a while, never mind :D
( Best excuse ever! )
They deep fried the bun so that it's crispy..

Ta Dangggg~!
This should be her first appearance in by blog :D
YAY! the blueberry..
and the strawberry!
Look alike aren't they? well, berries still berries.LOL
it's a little yogurt-like taste but we love it!

By the way, our vouchers came along with 2 smoothies..
I chose MANGO and MATCH with RED BEAN.
We can't handle the smoothies after the ice-cream so gave them to Victor and Aaron instead..

and then my cute lil cousin asked me..
"How are we going to eat this?"
Err... let the picture do the talking.
(Cornet World)

She insisted that the way she bite the bread must be SEEN! 
Can't wait to eat 'em!

Look at us!
It's been a while that we haven't been so so so close to each other :')



 I'm gonna miss you, siao po! 

LG2.43A, Sunway Pyramid, No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


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