Day 4 - Lucerne, Alsace Region & Reims


Uni life is really really hectic :/
After struggling for few weeks finally have some time of my own..
So, I realized that I actually stop writing about Europe trip at day 4..
UGHHHH so lazy!
Blame my sista!
She never send me those photos we took using her iphone..
So...heeeeeh reasonable excuse?

I tried to recall whatever that happened last year.. (shameee!)
Here we go!

We left Lucern early in the morning after breakfast and head to Alsace Region..
Same thing happened, I was sleeping all the way and never realized that we actually left Switzerland. LOL
Our first stop was Colmar, a really really beautiful village..
 Sadly, we took a look around the village by sitting in the mini train..
Therefore we didn't get to take much photos of this place..
Police in France! They're so fit LOL
 I was so excited when I saw Sephora!
My sister and I thought we can do some shopping for cosmetics and stuff here but who knowssss....haih
Time constraint :(
Anyway, there's many historical building here..
You may want to spend more time in this village which I didn't get to :/
I was told that our "Colmar Tropicale Resort" in Bukit Tinggi was inspired by this place..
Never been to Bukit Tinggi but I did google it..
Well, both these places really look alike!
After the mini train ride, we randomly picked one restaurant and had first lunch in France :D
Errr and the waitress couldn't really speak English so we just point at the menu..
Without knowing what we were ordering as well -.-
My sister and I sneak out to take some photos because we love this place so much!
This place is just so lovely!
and we spot this! GUESS!
Back to our food..
This is what my brother ordered BUT I ate..
I exchanged with him because I really can't handle this steak.......
Sis's salad..
And my lil sis had this..sort of KID'S MENU hahaha!
Some random photos we took on the way back to the bus..
Look! The small lil tiny traffic light is soooo cute!
Okay okay okay I know there's nothing special..
But I just never seen this in M'sia before so yea you know! hah
I know I'm gonna miss Colmar so much..
After few hours drive, we stopped somewhere and it's dinner time already..
(Sleep, eat, sleep and eat again)
Wondered why we had Italian cuisine in France?
no idea XD

After the dinner, check in to hotel, and I forgot what happened next because...

Our destination next day was DISNEYLAND PARIS!
yea kids being kids :P

I really got to wait for my sis's photos for the next post because I don't bring camera to Disneyland..
I'm going to Thailand next month for water splashing festival..
Mum keep promising me for this since I was little..

And, hopefully can go to Taiwan this year too..
Then I will have more and more and more and more to share! yay!
*finger crossed*

Off to bed now.
Good night and...


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