Day 3 - Mount Titlis & Lucern


On the 3rd day of our Europe vacation..
We travelled to Mt.Titlis of Switzerland which is one of the most beautiful mountain!
It is 10,000ft from sea level so we can actually see SNOW!
 My lil sis and I was so excited one day before we headed to Mt.Titlis..!

Early in the morning, we took 3 cable car to reach the peak of Mt.Titiles..
And before we get to the outdoor, we first went through the ice cave as they want us to experience the "COLD"!

Honesly, not so cold actually LOL
I think maybe because of the jacket I wore..
Got it in China and really warm :D
Sejuknya sejuk!

and finally when we went out from the building to the outdoor...
I just love the scene!
Yup it's Mount Titlis!
August was the Summer of Switzerland therefore...
UNLUCKILY we couldn't see the fluffy snow :(
Anyway thr's ICE KACANG kind of ICE that we stepped on..
and the temperate wasn't that low also..
So I took off my jacket because it was little too warm to wear that. =.=''
There wasn't much activity to do during Summer..
That's why we were so retarded made a "SNOW BALL" and treat it as FOOTBALL LOLLLLLsss!
This giant baby is such a bullier! XD
(help me...!!)

There's lots of tables and bench outside for us to picnic!
We actually had ICE-CREAM out there and it was real yummy!
(queued for quite a long time and pushed by some tourist from other country sob sob..)
Our lunch was prepared by them..
It was the local cheese fondue!
before we had that, we were served with vegetable soup..
(so tasteless I don't like it)
Here it goes..
It's kind of........special..
It was mixed with brandy so I bet children won't like it..
So do my lil sis..she just tried once and just stayed away from it. LOL
The other dishes were ok and we really enjoyed the meal..
After the lunch, we went out again and see what we saw!
Can you spot the buddha image?
Ice Flyer cannot be missed!
I thought it was just for sight seeing but I was wrong..
Seee! Nice smile before getting on the ice flyer huh..
You cannot even smile when you see this under your seat.. 
I was so freak out that time!
We were suppose to sit the other way round..
Without anything blocking or protecting us from falling..
So we changed and sit between the steel..
Say Hi!
We spent about 4 hours on Mt.Titlis..
Before we left, we took some photos with the beautiful scene..
looked like fake background but it was real!
Then we had some walk on the street..
See! That's MCD!
I bought a large french fries here and it cost Franc4.30..
I could get a McD set meal for Euro3.90 only..
Then we found this! Walls Ice-Cream!
and we had it :P
We thought we can use this to send postcard..
BUT that was for decorative purposes XD
We did some grocery shopping as well in the local shopping mall..
Some Swiss Chocolate in this shop..
And Starbucks! for a break :)


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