Day 2 - Titisee,Schaffhausen & Lucerne


OK.. I was a little late because of this!
Naked Palette 2 for just RM78!!
OMG it's so freaking CHEAPPPP!!
Girls go and grab one NOW!!
I've got myself a Naked 1 already and I don't really make up very often..
so still wondering whether should I get myself one..
not yet decide....struggling!! ><

Back to topic!
Every time when I look back to all those photos taken in Europe makes me miss that place again and again..
It's so wonderful.. :')

The 2nd day of our trip, we visited to Titisee and had a boat ride on the Lake Titisee..

There's real nice view and u can see people swimming in the lake! 
Didn't manage to take many photos on the boat..
coz I'm the camera man ><
After the boat riding, we went to visit the cuckoo clock factory..
not really a factory though..just some kind of souvenirs shop..
I'm too ugly here so.....YEA XD
BTW, i didn't manage to get Birkenstock in Germany that time and I found it here!
So...I grab mine immediately when I saw it!
my mum my bro my sis got themselves a pair of Birkenstock too!  :D
(I'm influential enough ngek ngek)

After shopping, we had our lunch here..
A Chinese Restaurant..
I got no idea why they craved for Chinese cuisine that much..
I lagi wonder why my dad wanna follow them to this restaurant..
The food here is just so......ugghhhhhhh speechless..
I can cook better than them..
and its about euro15 per

As usual, we went for some drink AGAIN before we leave Titisee..
we ladies had coke and coffee and that beer is definitely for my papa and bro..

Our next destination is the Rhine Falls..
It's R.E.A.L Amazing!
and there's a boat trip whereby you will get on the boat and pass through the Rhine Falls!!
It's extremely excited!!
it's not included in our trip and I wondered why our tour guide is so so so RUSH of time..
we missed it. 
However, I sent myself a postcard from the souvenir shop and promised myself that I'm gonna come back here and get on the boat someday!
oh yea! 
I realized that I'm actually in Switzerland already only when I saw the country flag on the souvenir shop..
kinda blur...@@
(who asked you to sleep all the way!)

Right after the half-an-hour stop at the Rhine Falls..
we continued our journey to the city of Lucerne..
My favourite destination in Lucerne is the Lion Monument!
It's the "saddest and most poignant piece of rock in the world"
and I swear that you can feel the sorrow when you're looking at it.... :'( 

Afterwards, we had some shopping and walk-around time in the city..
In fact, only my sis and I walked around..
my papa mummy them just sat down and drink XD
Things in Lucerne are really expensive..
I never plan to get myself a new watch but from what I've heard..
The price in Lucerne is higher compared to the price in Malaysia :O
Anyway, there's still A LOT of people buying ROLEX in Lucern!!
kind of REAL RICH one..

Our dinner was at 7pm so we returned to hotel quite early that day..
since we will have more time tomorrow to shop and walk around..
I thought my bro was taking picture of me who knowss....
he just wanted the bread :3
I had fish that day and our dessert is chocolate mousse..
Even though most of the shops closed at 6pm..
but we still had some window shopping..
It's so unfair wehhhh..
There's all cool and nice stuff in Europe Bata..
but our Malaysia store................

OK let it be it's always unfair.

That's why I just can't stop loving Europe! 


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