I'm BACK!!...... yea finally =..=


So yea..SOMEONE reminded me that I should update my blog..
and actually I'm planning to do so..
The reason that I never update for quite a while was because....
I just came back from Europe. Teeheeee ^..^
(Planned to blog about my trip later!)
So many people asked my how was the trip..
and my answer is...
It makes me fall in love with Europe.
I'm serious XD

Although it was just a 10 days trip..
and i spent 2 days on the flight :(
I really enjoyed it VERY VERY MUCHIEEEE! 

Everything was so fantastic!
(Maybe because I'm from small town? HAHA)
even the public wash room in Germany amazed me!
The food, the people, the place, the environment and bla bla bla.....
and I promised myself that I must go back in 5 years time!
(*pinky swear with my sister*)
that means no more shopping but just saving. OMG ><

I actually went to 3 countries which are Germany, Switzerland and France.
My favourite country is Germany but sad case is I couldn't meet with my friend Vanessa.. T.T
Vani, I miss ya!
(I was so dark that time.ADUI)

I've tried the real Macaron in Paris..
both Laduree and Pierre Herme! :D
And went to the highest level of Eiffel Tower!
Drink beer all the time..
Had the most rare steak that I never tried before..OH I cant eat this!
My favourite ice wine :)
Got my first perfume!
(and the second as well huh? HAHA)
and also a pair of nice shoe..
longchamp as well..

Erm..this is something like a summary of my trip XD
so I'll write more about it next time..

Btw, Uni life is so hectic.....><
Tons of assignments waiting for me..
Ah I'm gonna faint.


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