Day 1 - Heidelberg & Black Forest!


It has been 2 weeks that I never update my blog..
feeling guilty already..HAHAHA
It's all VU's fault :(
why should we have so many assignments at one time.. ARRGGHHHH!!
Anyway, I'm gonna write about my first day in Europe..
I miss Germany :'(
Finally reached in Frankfurt Airport after 12 hours 40 minutes flight..
and it was 6am in Germany!
The whether was quite nice.. about 17 degree at that time..
which means that it's gonna be VERY HOT at noon!
ughh, not a good sign though.. 

our first destination - Heidelberg!
Heidelberg is a university town where u can actually see a lot of bicycle around the city..
so environmental friendly! I like that! 
So we visited to the Ruined Clifftop Castle..
on my way to the castle!
I don't have a photo for the ruined castle anyway. (camera man usaully don't get to take photos :( )
Took a photo with mummy.. She's so lovely! HAHA
And this is the Great Vat which has a capacity for 200,000 litres of wine!
how wonderful!
It's a MUST to try some wine..
So we tried this!
Ice wine..
It is made of frozen grapes..
and the reason its so expensive is because it needs 5 times more grapes to produce the wine..
so.. yea this is what the guy behind there told me XD

Another sad case..
This cute lil glass is for free..
it came together with the wine we purchased..
we left it in the restaurant that we had our lunch.....
I like this building.. and guess what's on the wall?
It's a clock that ancient people used!
so cool huh?!
Then we went to the old town..
That's the Holy Ghost Church..
Why is it called holy ghost church?
I got no idea also..because I was late when the tour guide explaining all these to the other members.XD
Then we had some drinks in the "marketplaz"..
My papa always love to talk to stranger =.=
Actually he was asking the old man to recommend some beer to us..
We couldn't decide what to order by looking at the menu..
So this happened....!!

We ordered ALL the beer on the menu! FUNNY right?!
ok lah, laugh a lil bit lah please :D

After some beer, not really some...
then we had a lil walk around the town and I found this!
And I got myself this :)
This chocolate is very famous in Heidelberg.. The Student's Kiss..
And I tasted it! Really delicious!

By 3pm something we left Heidelberg then head to Black Forest..
Tadaaanggg! This is the hotel we stayed for our first night in Germany..
Hofgut Sternen!
U know what.. Queen Marie Antoinette stayed here before!
It's really beautiful and the room looks like this..
We love the bed so much so we....

took some photos like this...! XD
I wish we were grown up sleeping on this kind of bed..
Sister Love <3 br="br">It's a 4 star hotel..BUT I WANT TO COMPLAINT!!!
There's neither fan or air-conditioner....!!
u wouldn't want to stay in the room any longer at noon..
4 star? ugghhh..
They said thr's only few months of Summer in Black Forest which is quite hot..
so most of the hotel thr, don't have air-conditioner or fan..SPEECHLESS ahhh><
after trying so hard to connect the stupid wifi and updated our facebook..
we went for some walk around the hotel..
and now, the whether is just so Genting?

This building is so Korean style... because of the colour maybe?
Forced her to take this with me XD
Then we had our dinner at 7pm..
It was a 3 course meal.. 
\Vege Soup & Pork knuckle + German Sausage & Black Forest Cake..
Well, I would say that the pork knuckle was GIANT!
Among 33 of us, only my brother managed to finish it!
want to know how huge it was?

That's why no one could finish the main course..
The cake was nice, with brandy in it..
then we finished up 2 bottles of ice wine that we bought in old town after the dinner!
*addicted to ice wine*


typed so long ady OMG..
DAY 2 in progress.... :))

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